Faculty liaison programme

In our continuous strive to improve the Library and the services it provides, the Information Services and Training Department of the Nelson Mandela University Library and Information Services (Nelson Mandela University LIS) envisions being an active partner in the achievement of the University’s teaching, learning and research goals by providing expert assistance and instruction in the use of an increasing variety of information sources and technologies.

The Nelson Mandela University LIS is therefore pleased to announce the implementation of a Library Liaison Program which partners a Faculty Librarian with a designated Faculty. The purpose of the partnership is to develop and foster two-way communication beneficial to both the LIS and the Faculties.

The services provided by the Faculty Librarian to the Faculty include the following:

  • Communication:

    To initiate and maintain communication between the Library and the department or division;

    To represent the information needs of the academic department or division to the Library;

    To notify Faculty about new Library services and materials of potential interest.

  • Consultation:

    To provide support for accreditation review processes;

    To assist Faculty in the proposal of new course offerings by determining the adequacy of Library holdings and identifying appropriate resources.

  • Collection Development:

    To involve Faculty in the collection development process by selecting Library materials and reviewing Faculty requests for materials in the assigned subject area.

  • Information Services:

    To perform advanced literature searching.

  • Training:

    To provide library orientations, tours, presentations, and training sessions.

The Nelson Mandela University LIS looks forward to working with you to enhance the educational experience for our students.

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